10 Less Famous Battles That Changed The World

#8. The Battle Of The Metaurus, 207 B.C.

The Punic Wars were a series of wars between the world’s greatest superpowers of the era, Rome and Carthage. It would be like if China and the US went three rounds in the nuclear octagon. There were three wars, and Rome won each war (but only barely). The Battle of Metaurus was the “little” battle of the Second Punic Wars. Hannibal’s brother, Hasdrubal, faced off against the Roman consul, Nero. Hasdrubal was bringing reinforcements so large that, had he met up with Hannibal, Rome would certainly have fallen. But Hasdrubal lost the battle, and Nero famously had him beheaded and his head thrown into Hannibal’s camp. The Romans would later defeat Hannibal and today we care about the Romans, not the Carthaginians.

The Battle Of The Metaurus, 207 B.C.

#8. The Battle Of The Metaurus, 207 B.C.

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