The 9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People.

Is there an afterlife? That’s a question most people struggle with, but we won’t know until we perish from this life.

… Or will we? There have been many cases where people claim they have died and saw the afterlife, but were then brought back to life. Their stories are truly fascinating, even comforting, and maybe even a little bit terrifying. The most interesting part is also the creepiest: many of these strangers shared similar experiences while they were “dead.”

This is what they all saw, heard and felt:

#1. The Light

The vast majority of people who have died reported seeing the famous “light at the end of the tunnel.” It is the most common occurrence that people have when they are technically dead.

The Light


#2. You Can See Your Body

Many people have this “out of body experience” and see their lifeless body beneath them when they are technically dead. That means they are an incorporeal spirit floating above their body. They can see everything that is going on in the room and who is in it. Any attempt to restore connectivity between the consciousness and physical body fails, leaving the person frantic for several moments.

You Can See Your Body


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