10 Ancient Wonders As You Have Never Seen Them

There were originally seven wonders of the ancient world but now only one remains. Fortunately there are some very good replicas around the world or other objects based on the originals so we can actually get a real life look at what most of them would have looked like. In looking at these pictures it certainly becomes clear why they were considered the great wonders of the world. Because the original list was of seven wonders I have added an additional three – one from Rome, one that was originally on the list but got removed, and one from Ethiopia (which is still standing).

#10 Great Pyramid of Giza 2584–2561 BC – Present Day

This is the only one of the original seven wonders still standing. And while you can visit today to see it – you can’t see it as it was originally built. The entire pyramid was clad on the outside with highly polished white limestone tiles. The pyramid would have glistened in the harsh Egyptian sun. Unfortunately in 1300 an earthquake loosened the majority of the tiles and they were consequently taken away to build mosques.

#10 Great Pyramid of Giza

#10 Great Pyramid of Giza

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