10 Most Weirdest Marriages In The World

Love can take many forms, but I never thought it could take the forms presented here. We will see 10 Most Weirdest marriages collected from world, in which, human not only married animal, but also objects like Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall and fairground ride as well as their favorite things. And of course, such marriages as are allowed by tradition, or within a culture, are often symbolic or ritual, rather than the more usual recognition of a relationship. Here are the list of such 10 most weirdest marriages in the world. For detail

#10 Man marries cat

A postman in Germany has married his black-and-white cat. The blushing ‘bride’ even dressed in white for the biggest day of her nine lives – although an actress had to play the registrar after stunned officials refused to carry out the ceremony.

 man marries cat

#10 man marries cat

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