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Kids These Days Just Don’t Know How To Wear Their Pants.

Pants are meant to cover the bottom half of your body and keep you protected from the cold. There are people who believe you can make a fashion statement with pants. Some people do it right, other people just don’t get it. (Who knew pants could be so complicated?)

These are some of those people who don’t quite know how pants are supposed to work. … d’oh.
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These People Were Saved From Their Horrible Tattoos. Thank Goodness!

Tattoos aren’t something that people should take lightly (but unfortunately do). That’s because tattoos are, basically, permanent. Unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars to get them removed, the ink you had injected into your skin is there for good.

Ever get a tattoo, but regretted it after a few years? These people certainly did. Whether it be the name of a former lover, or just a really awfully drawn tattoo, check out how these people corrected their less than stellar tattoos. Some of these cover-ups would take serious talent.
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