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10 Most Murderous Rulers in History

Who knows why some people are just predisposed to evil? Doesn’t it sometimes seem that so many of these hateful, ruthless people become powerful leaders? Perhaps their ability to reach a position of power can even be attributed to that ruthlessness. Throughout history, certain notorious leaders have been active proponents of hate and violence. Often, the root of this hate lies in a fear of the foreign or unknown, compounded and even excused by a misguided feeling of righteousnesses and the greater good.

Whatever the reason, there have probably been more evil, vilified rulers in history than there have been truly good and noble ones. It’s hard to categorize and rank levels of evil – is any type of evil really better than another? – but here is a list of 10 worthy contenders for most ruthless, power- and blood-hungry leaders in mankind’s short history.
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These 6 Civil War Ghost Stories Will Make You A Believer. #5 Is Freaky….

The American Civil War was the deadliest war in American history. Between the years of 1861 to 1865, it is estimated that 620,000 soldiers lost their lives. It’s no surprise that so much death and destruction from that time period has resulted in a lot of creepy ghost stories.

Here are some that will spook you out of camping pretty much anywhere on the east coast.
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The Vision Of The Fatima Children

8 Soul-Destroying Visions Experienced By Real People

We’ve previously told you about people who witnessed utterly terrifying visions of hell. At the time, we thought these might have been the scariest visions in the whole of religious history. Boy, were we wrong. God isn’t content with just using the fires of hell to scare us. He’s got a whole toolbox of creepy and terrifying images to plague our nightmares.
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10 Controversial Air Crash Conspiracy Theories

The recent loss of Malaysian Airlines Flights MH370 and MH17 have been the source of endless speculation. Many questions remain unanswered. For MH17 at least, the answers suggest sinister goings-on and a crude attempt at a cover-up. Speculation over aircraft disasters isn’t new. Crashes from decades past continue to suggest that someone may have something they’re trying to hide.Editor’s note: Where photos of the planes or crash sites were not available or appropriate, photos of planes of the same model have been used.
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