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10 Celebrities Who Almost Died Young

In the last few years we have tragically lost numerous talented celebrities, many of whom died far too soon in shocking ways. Last year the world lost legends like James Gandolfini at just 51 years old, and Corey Monteith and Paul Walker passed away at just 31 and 40 respectively. Both Walker and Monteith died far too young and in incredibly shocking ways, and Hollywood was stunned by their deaths.

Earlier this year Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the greatest actors of his generation, tragically passed away. Hoffman’s relapse into drug addiction sadly cost him his life. And of course, in August 2014 Oscar winner, legendary stand-up comedian, and perhaps the greatest improv actor of all time Robin Williams passed away at just 63 years old. Fans around the world are still reeling after Williams’ tragic suicide.

There are a number of celebrities, however, whose fans should be thankful they’re still around. The A-list could be an even darker place if the following talented actors and musicians hadn’t narrowly escaped death. These celebrities have survived horrific accidents like auto crashes and plane crashes, and some have even survived murder attempts and terrorist attacks. Let’s be thankful these talents are still around to brighten our days with their humor, musical ability and acting chops: These are 10 celebrities who have had near death experiences.
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