15 Super Strange Spa Treatments

It’s a cruel world out there — sometimes you need a way to relieve stress and retain your youthful glow. Spa treatments are getting wackier by the day — and the hipper, the better. How far would you go for beauty and youthfulness?

Snails, Snakes, man-eating fish, below-freezing cryogenic chambers are few of the example. It’s the stuff of nightmares … and it’s also the stuff of spa menus around the world. Here is the list of 15 super strange spa treatments from all around the world. For detail

#15 Faced with Feces: New York, NY

Manhattan’s Shizuka New York Day Spa garnered a wave of publicity in 2008 when it announced its Geisha Facial, also known as “the bird poop facial.” The spa claims that nightingale droppings have properties that “brighten, heal and retexturize the skin due to their natural enzymes and guanine, which imparts a pearly luster to the skin.” The bird poop is powdered and sanitized with a UV light, so the experience shouldn’t feel icky– this is a luxury spa. The whole shebang lasts 50 minutes and costs $180, which covers a facial cleansing, a pore extraction, a light massage, an antioxidant face mask and a slathering of bird droppings. This treatment, at first glance, may not appear to have anything to do with regional culture or customs. But look closer: Expensive, attention-grabbing marketing ploys just scream New York.

Faced with Feces

#15 Faced with Feces

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