10 Of The Most Expensive Items Ever Stolen

You would think that expensive items, whether they are at a home, a museum or even a religious institution, should be highly guarded. The problem is that many times, they are not, and as a result, over the years, items that have a value of “priceless” or pretty close to it, have been stolen. Here are ten of the most expensive things ever stolen. These items range from art to an iconic building. By the way, it’s easier to steel a building than you would imagine. The most surprising thing about all of these items being stolen is that most of them are so famous; there isn’t even a black market for them. If the thieves were to try and sell many of the things on this list on the black market, they would most certainly be caught. In fact, many of them have and the items have been safely returned.

#10. The Scream

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is one of the World’s most recognizable pieces of art. Munch lived from 1863 to 1944, and painted several versions of the portrait. In 2004, it was stolen from the wall of the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway by two armed men, wearing black ski masks. One of the robbers threatened a guard with a gun and ran off. The painting went missing for two years and nine days, until it was recovered. However, the mystery of how it was recovered still remains and isn’t public knowledge. What can we do about it? Scream?

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