Dubai Auction: Most Expensive License Plates In The World

When it comes to showing your wealth in an oil-rich area like Dubai, not only do you need the fancy Mercedes, Lexus, or Land Rover, you also need the license plate to match. Some even say in this region that without a quality license plate, your car won’t be worth the money you spent. This doesn’t mean you are seeking out a gold plated license plate that says boss any words for that matter; it means you are in search of a license plate that only has one or two numbers, specifically between one and ten.

The Emirate of Dubai has been home to some of the most expensive license plate auctions in the world and the cars that these license plates usually appear on aren’t even worth a tenth of the value of the selling price at auction. The plates are so expensive and people don’t mind shelling out millions of dollars because it is way for them to show their status symbol within the community.

#10. License Plate reads “10”

The last number in the top license plate number class starts this top ten list after selling for $1.23 million to an unknown person.

#10. License Plate reads “10”

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