10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth

#1 Prince Albert, Roatan, Honduras

Intentionally scuttled in 1987 by the owner of the Coco View Resort in Honduras, the island freighter known as the Prince Albert had an eventful past. It was used by Nicaraguans to take refugees fleeing their war-torn country to Roatán, the largest of the Honduras Bay islands.

However, while docked in the harbor, the 140-foot tanker was stripped of her spoils and abandoned, partially submerged in the water. It was then that Bill Evans saw an occasion to turn the old vessel into a diving wreck for his guests. After a mishap that saw a shrimp boat stranded and severely damaged on a reef while it was towing the Prince Albert in rough seas, at last the Nicaraguan ship was sunk, and subsequently given its present name.

Prince Albert, Roatan, Honduras

#1 Prince Albert, Roatan, Honduras

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