10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth

#3 Giannis D, Egyptian Red Sea

Visible listing to one side on the seabed, this next sunken ship is a favorite dive site in the Egyptian Red Sea. Built in Japan in 1969, the Giannis D was originally named the Shoyo Maru; then when she was sold in 1975, the 300-foot cargo vessel was renamed the Markos – a moniker that can still be made out on the ship’s hull and which some people erroneously know her by.

The ship was sold again to a Greek company five years on and acquired her final name, the Giannis D – with a large ‘D’ inscribed on the funnel. However, on April 19, 1983, while taking a shipment of softwood lumber from Croatia to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the vessel hit the Sha’ab Abu Nuhas – a coral reef – at full speed, and now lies next to the reef that sank her.

Giannis D, Egyptian Red Sea

#3 Giannis D, Egyptian Red Sea

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