10 Celebrities Who Almost Died Young

#5. Martin Lawrence

In August 1999, comedian Martin Lawrence was out jogging while wearing several layers of clothing in an attempt to lose weight for a film. When he returned home he suffered severe heat exhaustion, and he was found lying down on his lawn moaning and slumped over. By the time emergency services arrived he was passed out. The Bad Boys star slipped into a coma, but fortunately he awoke three days later.

Martin Lawrence

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#6. Tracy Morgan

Earlier this year the world nearly lost legendary Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock alumnus Tracy Morgan. In June, he was returning from a comedy show in Dover, Delaware when a Wal-Mart semi trailer hit the limo he was riding in from behind. The driver of the truck had allegedly not slept in over 24 hours. Morgan’s close friend and fellow comedian James McNair was killed in the accident, and three others including Morgan were injured in the six-vehicle pile up. Morgan is still recovering from the injuries (a broken leg and ribs) he sustained in the crash, and his lawyer has launched a criminal lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

Tracy Morgan

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