15 Celebrities and their Exotic Pets

Long gone are the days when human being was content with the dog, cat or horse that he owned as pets. These days, the ever-growing trend is to own the rarest, enviable and the most exotic pets. Like Justin Bieber’s snake named Johnson Usher’s recently owned puppy which is an Adorable $12,000 Goldendoodle, and Miley Cyrus newly owned pint-sized pooch named Rosie, the celebrities has it all. Here are the list of 15 celebrities and their exotic pets. For details

#15 Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

Renowned as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles, the retired American professional boxer and a former undisputed world heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson has a soft corner in his heart when it comes to pigeons, his pets. Known across the globe as Iron Mike, this strong-willed boxer turned to his pets for solace and sanity ever since the death of his 4-year-old daughter Exodus died in a tragic accident. His pigeons are the key to the turnaround, just as they calmed him growing up in crime-ridden Brownsville, New York.

Mike who often indulges in pigeon racing, feels that these birds are very loyal and wishes to die with them fluttering around him.

Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

#15 Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

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