10 Medical Side Effects That Are Downright Disturbing

As we all know, the most common type of medication taken today are prescription drugs, meaning that they are drugs that are prescribed to us by our doctor in order to cure or treat an illness. Most of the time, prescription drugs work exactly as they are supposed to. However, this does not always mean that side effects won’t develop. Simply read the labeling on all medication, and you’ll find a section dedicated to the potential side effects of that medicine.

Side effects are defined as an occurrence that can happen as the result of taking medicine, meaning that they can either be a positive thing or a negative thing. Whether they are positive or negative, largely depends on the drug that you are taking. For instance, maybe a drug has the side effect of making you have the urge to go to sleep. Is getting more sleep a good thing or a bad thing under your circumstances? Regardless, your doctors should inform you of the common side effects for the medicine that they will be prescribing you. Usually, the negative side effects won’t be any worse than throwing up, feeling sleepy, or having an allergic reaction to the medicine. But other times, the negative side effects can become much worse than that…and much more disturbing in the process.

We are going to outline and discuss some fairly common prescription drugs and medicine, and the wild and disturbing side effects that can come along with them. Most of these side effects were discovered during research from the Food and Drug Administration. But others were discovered by the patients who had to report them. Here are the top ten most disturbing medication side effects ever.

#10. Mirapex – Short Term Amnesia

You may not believe it, but some prescription drugs can cause amnesia. One such example of a prescription drug that has been known to do so is Mirapex, which was discovered in 1997 as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Finding a treatment or even a cure for Parkinson’s disease is no doubt a very good cause, but unfortunately, it appears that Mirapex could do more harm than good. The most notable side effects of Mirapex is amnesia, as numerous patients have reported short term memory loss, such as not remembering what happened the previous day. But patients who quit taking Mirapex reported to be relieved of the problems.

via dailymed.nlm.nih.gov

via dailymed.nlm.nih.gov

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