The Most Shocking Genetic Mutations Known to Man

Let’s be honest, the majority of us are dissatisfied with some part of our looks, our bodies, and our genetic makeup. Maybe you think your nose is too big, or you feel as though you are too short. Maybe you’ve lost your hair or gone grey at the ripe old age of 25. We all fret about some part of us that we were born with, and can do little, barring plastic surgery, to remedy the situation. In reality, the vast majority of us are blessed. Seriously, you don’t even know how good you’ve got it when compared to some of the genetic mutations and body deformities that afflict people all over the world. There are people out there that could only wish that their biggest concern or their biggest source of ridicule was their nose or their height. Beyond how awful some of these conditions are to have, adding insult to injury is that in many cases, those afflicted are either poor and can’t afford to receive treatment, or are children, born with a genetic disorder that will kill them before a cure is even found. From the slightly debilitating conditions that may impede one’s quality of life to the utterly horrific examples of biological defects that can incapacitate and kill the sufferer, these are some of the most shocking genetic mutations that nature has conjured.

#5. Giant Pigmented Nevus

While some moles are considered beauty marks, most of us have a mole or two that we can’t stand the sight of. Some get them removed, while others suffer them begrudgingly. In reality, pigmented nevus is nothing more than a mole, and predominantly benign; nothing if not a minor eye sore. For Chinese man Zhang Hongming and others like him however, his mole is something altogether different. Zhang suffers from a rare and congenital form of giant pigmented nevus, colloquially known as giant furred moles. Born with black moles all over his body, as he aged the moles on Zhang’s back, shoulders and chest began to grow massive in size and produced thick black hair, earning him the nickname ‘Chimp’. After suffering years of torment and ridicule due to his condition, Zhang Hongming has finally received treatment for his rare, and shocking genetic mutation.



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