Top 10 Most Intelligent People in the World

Have you ever met anyone who knows everything about anything? They know it all and we mean that not in the negative sense of the term. IQ (intelligence quotient) is a problematic measure of intelligence. Many have never been tested, while others have taken the test many times to improve their scores. They are some of the smartest people in the world and they have the IQ scores to back it up. They can answer probably anything from simple arithmetic to the most complicated rocket science question. Here is a list of the top 10 most intelligent people in the world.

#10. James Woods – 180 IQ

James Woods is a movie, television and stage actor. He has won two Emmy Awards for his performances in “Promise” and “My Name is Bill W” and has been nominated twice for the Academy Awards. He also played the lead role in the television series entitled “Shark.” Aside from acting, Woods is also some sort of math whiz, having studied linear algebra in UCLA while he was still in high school. He was also a full scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before the acting bug hit him.

#10. James Woods – 180 IQ

#10. James Woods

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