15 Amazing photographers who are ready to do anything for the perfect shot

#10 They Poked The Bear

Wildlife photography is one of the most appealing branches of of photography. And just as much rewarding. What nobody told these guys is that sometimes their reward is a bg cute bear running towards them for some flesh. Oh and did you notice how someone was insane enough to stop and click this picture before running back again? That’s the photographer we’re talking about.

They Poked The Bear

Image Source: www.twimg.com

#9 Say AAAA

This kid was really annoyed at his doctor so decided to give his medicine to a, well, crocodile. I’m glad kids are open to pets these days. Aren’t you?


Image Source: www.talesmaze.com

#8 Why, Hello There!

This is absolutely adorable. I would kill to see the picture this guy managed to click. Wonder how he could stay so still with all that cuteness right in his face.

Why, Hello There!

Image Source: www.espreso.rs

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