7 Creepy Real Life Stories Of Mysterious Creatures

Legends of mysterious creatures that live in the shadows and haunt us have existed since the beginning of time. Some have died out over time, like mermaids. Others have transformed into modern fairytales, like sparkly vampire-wolverine love triangles. But there are some legends of creatures that have been more than just stories. They have had credible reports filed, sightings made, articles and books written, movies… And even acts of extreme violence. Find out which seven creatures of legends have withstood the test of time and still have people wondering if that bump in the night could be the next sighting.

#7. The Lizard People

Somewhere in the underbelly of Los Angeles, The Lizard People are said to hiding in the shadows, in a lost city that was nearly wiped out by a meteor, over five thousand years ago. The legend surfaced in modern times when mining engineer, W. Warren Shufelt told the Los Angeles Times, in 1934, that he was prepared to dig up downtown LA in search of the creatures whom he had first heard of firsthand by Hopi Indian chief Little Green Leaf. Shufelt literally sank a 350-shaft straight down, underneath 518 North Hill Street, digging for what he called the Treasure Room of the Lizard People. He claimed he had located gold in the catacombs and that the tunneled city was shaped like a giant lizard, with the head below the Chavez Ravine (now Dodger’s Stadium). Shortly after the Times story was published, Shufelt he lost all authorization to continue his project, which was previously approved and Shufelt and his cohorts disappeared. The story and rumors died out over the years, but the questions around it still remain unanswered.

via http://alien-ufo-research.com

via http://alien-ufo-research.com

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