What Might Be Lurking In Our Waters Is Terrifying. I’m Never Swimming Again. Ever.

Turns out, The Little Mermaid is full of lies: life is NOT better under the sea. In fact, you should probably keep your legs on land from now on.

My childhood dreams of singing with a crustacean band are shattered now. But you’ll understand when you take a look at what might really lurks beneath the waves. Jeez, no wonder Ariel wanted out of there so bad.

#1. St. Augustine Monster

This amorphous monster washed up onto Florida shores in 1896. Scientists think it might be the remains of a giant octopus, but nothing can be known for sure.

St. Augustine Monster

Wikimedia Commons

#2. Montauk Monster

Discovered in 2008 on the New York beach, this creature has yet to be identified. Some say it’s a bloated, distorted raccoon carcass, but it looks more like a mutant experiment gone wrong.

Montauk Monster


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