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1. Czechoslovakia, The Hyphen War

10 Fascinating Tales Of How Countries Got Their Names

Explorers named the countries they discovered using a little bit of legend and a dash of superstition. Many of us know the fascinating tale of how Greenland and Iceland got their names. The viking Floki Vildegarson named Iceland for its icebergs after suffering misfortune, while Erik the Red named Greenland for its lush valleys to encourage his countrymen to settle there, and yet each country’s climate now seems to contradict its deceptive name. Here are 10 other tales behind the naming of countries. Continue reading

Creepy Girl

16 Frighteningly Creepy Things Kids Have Said To Babysitters

When kids say the darndest things, it’s usually cute, innocent and sweet. But there are times when darndest translates to creepiest, like when they totally freaked out their parents here and really scaring the bejeezus out of their babysitters in this list. These kids blurt out the most eerie, bone-chilling sentences you would never want to hear in a million years. Are you ready for this? Continue reading