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Montauk Monster

What Might Be Lurking In Our Waters Is Terrifying. I’m Never Swimming Again. Ever.

Turns out, The Little Mermaid is full of lies: life is NOT better under the sea. In fact, you should probably keep your legs on land from now on.

My childhood dreams of singing with a crustacean band are shattered now. But you’ll understand when you take a look at what might really lurks beneath the waves. Jeez, no wonder Ariel wanted out of there so bad.
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what You’re About To See Happen Between This Little Boy And Animals Is Unbelievable. WOW.

Marmots are, basically, shy and over-grown squirrels. There are 15 different species of the large ground squirrels, and they mainly live in mountainous regions. They’re perky and sociable with each other, but when it comes to humans, they tend to steer clear.

That is, at least, until they met this young boy. Matteo Walsh and his family stumbled upon a group of the animals while on a family vacation to the Alps, and instant friendship was struck.
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