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Entertainment is the major key of happiness in today’s modern life. Movies, TV Shows, Music, Radio, FM, Games and Comics is the major item under entertainment.

My Eyes Got Bigger And Bigeeer As I Realized What This Girl Was Creating. Wow. Just Wow.

Reddit user Brittani Austin created an amazing sculpture that she calls “Serpent of the Self.” This week she shared pictures of her creation on the website’s art subreddit, and they are truly spectacular. What she used to create this epic piece of art can be found in any 1st grade classroom.

She used paper mache. Paper, fabric, wire, and some rock hard water putty are what’s in her spectacularly unique work of art. Just wait until you see the finished product. Wow.
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A Guy Took An Ordinary Box Of Crayons.. And Proceeded To Blow Everyone Away. What He Did = EPIC.

Etsy user Hoang Tran makes uses crayons to create some truly spectacular art. However instead of drawing with them, Tran creates intricate carvings from them. He then sells them online.

A lot of Tran’s work is inspired by pop culture (movies and TV), but he also does custom requests. Just wait until you see the detail on these carvings. I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground.
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They Were Enjoying Their Beautiful Beach Wedding When All Of A Sudden ..

Redditor ln3 was enjoying his beautiful beach wedding in t

he U.S. Virgin Islands when a surprise guest didn’t get an invitation to the wedding showed up. And guess what .. theirs wedding turned viral because of this new guest 🙂

It was a extremely rare and endangered leatherback sea turtle, looking for a place to lay her eggs. The turtle came ashore just after the ceremony during cocktail hour. Can you imagine how embarrassing (OR COOL!) is that?

Everyone was mingling and sipping on their beverage of choice when the groom overheard one of his friends say with a good bit of excitement in his voice “look at that turtle!”, he turned around to see this monster coming out of the surf.

They watched it for a while as it came ashore, circled around digging a hole, laid its eggs on the beach, covered them back up, and rolled back out into the ocean.

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Xenia Ignatyeva.

Moments After These Selfies Were Taken, Disturbing Tragedy Struck.

Some day, when you die, there will be a last photo of you floating out there somewhere. It’s crazy to think that some of those last photos were taken by the subject themselves, but that’s what happened to these people in a series of tragic events.

No matter where you stand on the issue of selfies, it’s clear these are all terrible events. Not all of these people put themselves at unnecessary risk for a cool picture, but a few did and that makes it even worse.

After these photos were taken, the most terrible thing happened…
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