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I Have No Idea How This Guy Did This With Just Empty Cans. Mind=Blown

What this Japanese artist can do with simple aluminum cans is going to blow your mind. The artist, known as Makaon, takes aluminum recycling to a whole new level. Instead of discarding his old cans, either as trash or for recycling, he turns them into elaborate and surprisingly colorful works of art.

His creations are a combination of pop culture references and more traditional subjects. Makaon’s creativity is more than just shaping the cans into the form of his subjects. He also needs to work within the color restraints of the cans. The result is both quirky and sophisticated.
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These 8 Doctors Have Stories About Patients So Stupid, You Won’t Believe They’re Real.

Not everyone is a doctor… and that’s okay. Most people reading this right now probably couldn’t name every chamber of the heart. That’s totally normal. What isn’t normal, though, are the patients these doctors had.

These docs gracefully refrained from naming any names, but told stories about the dumbest patients they ever had. Some of these people were so bad, you won’t be able to believe these stories are true.

Maybe it’s a symptom of the public school system, or maybe these people just skipped one too many health class days. Either way, I suddenly feel like a genius. Wow.
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This Bride’s Father Passed Away, So Someone Else Had To Walk her Down The Aisle.

Getting married and starting a family is an important goal that many people have. Many women dream about one day marrying the love of their life. Most of their dads also dream of one day walking their daughter down the aisle. That act of giving their little girl away to the man she is going to marry is a tearjerking, important event in any father’s life.

But what happens that little girl’s dad passes away before the wedding? Hopefully, that tragedy could be transformed… like this.
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9 Ridiculous Teen Fads That Fooled The Media

Every good parent worries about their children. However, sometimes the media exploits that concern by pushing stories that make it seem like teenagers are in constant danger of total self-destruction. This type of scaremongering helps no one and stokes feelings of mistrust and paranoia. Of course, it’s a good idea for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs, but they probably don’t need to worry about fads like . . .
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