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#1. License Plate reads “1”

Dubai Auction: Most Expensive License Plates In The World

When it comes to showing your wealth in an oil-rich area like Dubai, not only do you need the fancy Mercedes, Lexus, or Land Rover, you also need the license plate to match. Some even say in this region that without a quality license plate, your car won’t be worth the money you spent. This doesn’t mean you are seeking out a gold plated license plate that says boss any words for that matter; it means you are in search of a license plate that only has one or two numbers, specifically between one and ten. Continue reading

#6. Al Said 300 million

The World’s 10 Most Expensive Yacht

The pleasure of having a private yacht is incomparable. Originally, people constructed yachts to embrace the life in the ocean. The rich people buy it to experience the priceless joy of sailing and spending several days in the ocean with the comfort of their own home. A yacht is a symbol of power and wealth.

Every yacht is designed in a unique way. The most expensive yachts are constructed for extremely wealthy personalities. The price of the yacht owned by a person defines how wealthy he is. Billionaires have their own uniquely designed vessels. Some of them don’t want to be named. Here is a list of the 10 most expensive yachts that will surely amaze you. Continue reading