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Science is the main reason for all this advancement we see in our modern era. We are trying to post most amazing facts about science in this section.

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Look At These Images And Tell Me Again That Climate Change Isn’t Real. You Can’t.

If you don’t think our planet’s climate is rapidly changing, turn off the AC and open your eyes. They say “seeing is believing” and the images below do a pretty good job of showing what’s going on with our world. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but facts are facts. Even if people disagree on exactly why the climate is changing, they should be able to acknowledge that it is happening.

The changing climate will only continue to get worse if we don’t begin to change our ways. This issue isn’t an easy pill to swallow, but it’s something we must all acknowledge if we ever want to come up with a solution. Not just for our own sake, but for the future generation’s.

Take a look at what we’re dealing with.
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This Mysterious Living Creature Found in 6200-Year-Old tomb Links Technology To Spread Of Disease

A parasitic egg was discovered by archeologists in Northern Syria, near the pelvis of a child’s skeleton. They say the skeleton dates back to when the ancient societies started growing crops using irrigation systems. Farming with irrigation means farmers spent most of their time on the farms, wading in warm water. These are ideal conditions for these parasites to get into the human body. They may also have triggered outbreaks of schistosomiasis, a water-borne flatworm disease at
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