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Science is the main reason for all this advancement we see in our modern era. We are trying to post most amazing facts about science in this section.

Amazing! A Man Get A New Face So He Can Feel His Daughter’s Kiss Again

While painting a church in 2008, Dallas’ head came into contact with a high-tension electrical line. He was immediately airlifted to Parkland Hospital, received in emergency, and admitted to the Burn Critical Care Unit. At that point, the doctors told the Wiens family that Dallas would not survive. Through his faith and tenacity, Dallas set out to prove them wrong.
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#1. Hilarious Historical Weather Mods

Weather Modification: People Who Have Actually Changed The Weather

#1. Hilarious Historical Weather Mods

People have been trying to change the weather forever. When it rained they didn’t want it, and when it was hot and dry they wanted the rain so they did the most reasonable thing and cast spells. And I bet you every now and again those may have seemed like they worked. As people realized the spells did nothing to stop or start any weather they finally got wise to the art of dance. Continue reading