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Science is the main reason for all this advancement we see in our modern era. We are trying to post most amazing facts about science in this section.

Google X Robot

10 Upcoming Products by Google

#10 Recorded Future

Google is coming up with an idea that is going to change the technology world. Google has set out to help predict the future using super computers. In their Recorded Future venture, Google has set out to comb the universe of available information with the idea of using this information to predict the future. One may ask how Google plans on using information that already happened to predict the future? Well, it’s simple. Google plans on using all the information available at hand and place it in a calculation that will allow for us to formulate clues on what is going to happen. Continue reading

#4. Sony Xperia Z

Best smartphones in 2013

So, you want to buy a new phone? If you’re looking for the best smartphone of 2013, you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you through the hottest mobile phones of the year to save you time when you go to your local phone shop. We’ve updated our Best smartphones 2013 feature to reflect recent launches, with some great mid-range devices shaking the list up quite a bit, falling prices and a hot new refresh from Apple. Continue reading