10 Stupid Things People Have Done After Winning The Lottery

#1. (Almost) Losing It Out To The Law

There’s a relatively happy story to end with. It is also not a story about stupid things that were done after winning a lottery, but rather about it being a stupid thing to buy the lottery ticket in the first place. Timothy Elliott had always wanted to win the lottery at any cost and he was caught in a armed robbery once, which he only undertook in order to get money to buy lottery tickets! During his trial for the same, he was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and hence, the court put him on probation with mandatory mental counseling instead of sending him to jail. The terms of his probation were the usual no drugs, no gambling and no getting into any trouble! Timothy did take this to heart, but he did not stop purchasing his lottery tickets. When he finally lucked out in 2011 and won his million dollars, he was arraigned for breaking the terms of his probation. What did he do you ask? Well, technically buying a lottery ticket is gambling, isn’t it?! Thankfully, the court asked him to make a moderate restitution and let him keep the rest of his winnings!
(Almost) Losing It Out To The Law