10 Stupid Things People Have Done After Winning The Lottery

#9. Losing It Out Over Misplaced Trust

Anyone in their right minds would know that since lottery tickets do not come with the names of the people purchasing them, handing them over to someone else, however trustworthy they may be, is a little crazy. Yet, when one actually wins a million dollar lottery, how indeed can one be in the right frame of their minds? California’s Etta May Urquhart has the same story to tell. After playing the lottery for over 18 years, when Etta actually won a jackpot, she was hit by a fit of nerves. As she couldn’t stop shaking when she went to claim her prize, she asked her son, Ronnie to sign the ticket and claim the jackpot on her behalf. Greed however can overpower even the closest of relations and to Etta’s disbelief, Ronnie claimed the jackpot as his own and went on a spending spree with the money he had claimed. Etta is fighting out a court battle for fraud and abuse against her son. Then, there’s the similar story of Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. When he won the lottery in Georgia, he knew he couldn’t legally claim his prize and sent his employer, Erick Cervantes to claim it for him. Of course, one can guess that Cervantes claimed the winnings as his own and the two fought it out in court, where Jose Antonio won back his money minus taxes and attorney fees!

Losing It Out Over Misplaced Trust