10 Stupid Things People Have Done After Winning The Lottery

#7. Losing It Out To Greed

Greed is always the precursor for a case of breach of ethics and that is what happened with Americo Lopes. Construction company worker, Americo was delighted when he won the lottery in 2010. He immediately quit his job on the pretext that he required foot surgery. While none of this appeared suspicious for a person who had just won millions, it was only months later, when his co-workers filed a lawsuit against him that things became clearer. It seems that all the workers in the company usually pooled their monies in order to buy lottery tickets, and it was one such cash pool that yielded the winning ticket. Americo’s statement about the ticket being really his and hence, was not obligated to share his winnings, did not hold water with the jury and he lost his case. He has had to divide the winnings minus the taxes and share the money with his former colleagues.

Losing It Out To Greed