10 Stupid Things People Have Done After Winning The Lottery

#2. Losing It Out To Over Indulgence

When Michael Carrol won the 2002 jackpot in England, he quickly came to be known as the ”lotto lout”. He went on a crazy binge of purchasing houses and cars, as expected of most lotto winners, but he took his over-indulgence a tad bit too far when he used the back yards of those very same houses, as open areas to hold demolition derbies that featured the cars he had bought! Let’s take a moment to take stock here. I mean, it is pretty stupid to buy multiple houses, flatten out their yards, buy a few expensive cars and crash test them there for fun! Add to the mix a lot of many other addictions, and we already know that he would end up in jail and end up penniless soon enough. That’s exactly what happened, enough said!

Losing It Out To Over Indulgence