Moments After These Selfies Were Taken, Disturbing Tragedy Struck.

Some day, when you die, there will be a last photo of you floating out there somewhere. It’s crazy to think that some of those last photos were taken by the subject themselves, but that’s what happened to these people in a series of tragic events.

No matter where you stand on the issue of selfies, it’s clear these are all terrible events. Not all of these people put themselves at unnecessary risk for a cool picture, but a few did and that makes it even worse.

After these photos were taken, the most terrible thing happened…

#1. Reggaetón musician Jadiel.

Jadiel took this final picture of himself moments before a motorcycle accident claimed his life.

Reggaetón musician Jadiel.


#2. Oscar Otero Aguilar.

After a drunken night with friends Oscar posed with a gun and tried to take a selfie. The gun accidentally went off, killing him.

Oscar Otero Aguilar.

New York Post

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