The World’s 10 Most Expensive Toys For Adults

#4. The Helicycle – $395,000

This two-seat vehicle converts from a three-wheeled motorcycle to a gyrocopter in just 10 minutes. At 230-hp, and with a four-cylinder engine, this craft can reach a maximum of 112 mph in the air or on the land. Yes, that’s right, you can cruise through the air at over 100 mph in this beast. On street level, the vehicle goes from 0-60 mph in under eight seconds with the agility of a motorcycle. In the air, the gyrocopter’s non-powered overhead rotor spins from the forward motion of the vehicle to provide lift. It was designed to cruise at low altitudes (below 4,000 feet), but it only requires a 540’ runway for takeoffs. The 27-gallon tank provides a 220-mile flight range, and 750 miles on the road.

The Helicycle – $395,000