The World’s 10 Most Expensive Toys For Adults

#2. Kuratas Wearable Robot – $1,300,000

No really. This looks like a dodgy Michael Bay concept, but the wearable robot really does let big kids act like real life Transformers – if they can pay the Hollywood price tag. This incredible machine is the invention of Japan-based Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The 13 feet high robot, which users can board and control in an armoured cockpit, weighs 4,5000 kg and can move at around 10 km/h. It was unveiled in 2012 to much hype, but with the prohibitive price tag it hasn’t seen much uptake on the consumer market. UK designer Matt Denton introduced an almost equivalent wearable robot, the Mantis (a hexapod), in 2013 but it’s currently only a prototype available for rent.

Kuratas Wearable Robot – $1,300,000