15 Most Unique and Creative Beds

Considering the fact that sleep is very important for our life and health, it is very important where and how we sleep. Designers around the world have tried to satisfy the demands of different people. If you are not of those who could sleep even on the floor and very important to you that your bed is comfortable, see next 15 most creative beds that we have chosen for you.

#15 Magnetic Floating Bed

Talk about a cool bed. Designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, this magnetic floating bed has enough magnets to keep 900 kilograms (1,984 pounds) floating in the air. To make sure that the bed doesn’t float away because of hard wind or weird movements, it’s tethered to the walls by four cables. Technically, the magnetic floating bed is for sale, but at a price of 1.2 million euros ($1.53 million), you’re not likely to find it in your local mattress store.

Magnetic Floating Bed

#15 Magnetic Floating Bed

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