8 Things That Prove Chipotle Is Feeding Us Lies. #2 Made Me Cringe

Few people can resist the allure of a Chipotle burrito, but the pleasure might be a whole lot guiltier than you thought. Here is a countdown of the nine worst things Chipotle is telling (or, rather, isn’t telling) the public.

#1. These alleged grass-feed beef farms in Australia that Chipotle is sourcing its meat from are not being disclosed to the public.

While beef being “grass-fed” looks great on paper, it’s actually a super ambiguous term. Without knowing anything about the producers of the beef, there’s actually no real way of knowing if it’s actually coming from an environmentally friendly source or not.


#2. Those emotionally charged commercials you’ve seen are about as based in fact as the Harry Potter series.

For one thing, the process of meat production enacted by Chipotle is very much industrial. For another, their ad implies that Chipotle does not use GMOs in their food, but their competitors do. The truth is the exact opposite of that.

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