8-Year-Old Girl Was Having 20,000 Seizures A Year And Was Given Only A Few Months To Live Until She Tried THIS Illegal Treatment

“She was dying, she could barely walk or talk, was unable to toilet herself and slept a similar cycle to a newborn,” said Cheri O’Connell to The Herald Sun, a mother of an epileptic child living in Victoria, Australia.

“We had basically been told that there was not too much more we could do, just to take her home and to love her and maybe if you are lucky she’ll get to nine, we didn’t see her having a future at all,” Ms. O’Connell said.

#1. A Mother’s Brave Efforts

Cheri O’Connell and her daughter’s story took a turn for the better, however, after a controversial treatment yielded some miraculous results. In January last year, her desperate parents started her on a cannabis mix known as a tincture, after a cocktail of prescribed pharmaceutical medications left her heavily sedated while failing to stop the seizures.

In developments that have surprised doctors, one year later, Tara is a bubbly eight-year-old and her wheelchair is collecting dust in the corner of the family’s home in central Victoria.

Senior clinical neuropsychologist Dr Silvana Micallef at Austin Health saw the results for herself, stating she saw “significantly improved [cognitive performances]” after only 12 months. “Since commencing medical cannabis (together with the cessation of her seizures), there is a convincing clinical history of improvements in all facets of her presentation as reported by her mother,” Dr. Micallef wrote.

Remarkably, the only ‘side-effects’ reported were increased appetite and fatigue. The treatment O’Connell was receiving only contained a minuscule amount of THC, the cannabinoid molecule responsible for the ‘high’ feeling associated with cannabis use.

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