The 8 Most Evil Popes in History

#2. Pope Julius III

The papacy of Pope Julius III began in 1550 and would be a relatively brief affair, coming to an end upon his death in 1555. At the beginning of his brief reign, Julius seemed determined to push through church reforms that he felt were important, but he quickly grew tired of papal affairs and spent the bulk of his time relaxing and pursuing simple pleasures – like picking up a teenage boy off the street and making him his lover. Julius III was so smitten with this boy, Innocenzo Ciocchi Del Monte, that he ended up making him his adopted nephew and promoted him to cardinal while he was still an adolescent, bringing the concept of the ‘creepy uncle’ to an entirely new level that has yet to be equaled in history. The Innocenzo scandal outraged the other cardinals so much that in time it has become the defining feature of his entire papal reign. It’s not like this was entirely out of left field either – the guy asked Michelangelo to decorate his home with sculptures of young boys having sex with each other. Discretion wasn’t his forte.

Pope Julius III


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