10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth

#9 Unnamed Yacht, Egyptian Red Sea

Abu Galawa Shiwayya is a reef in the Egyptian Red Sea with a turquoise-colored enclosed lagoon in its midst. The name of the place translates as “Small Father of Turquoise Blue Water.” There are differing ideas as to the identity of the sunken yacht that is to be found in this idyllic location.

Local guides seem to believe it is the remains of an American sailboat that sank in 2002, but Rik Vercoe, a diving instructor, contends that it is the shell of the Endymion, an Australian yacht that went to its watery grave in 1998, apparently following a navigational mistake. Vercoe points out that the coral on the wreck – whose decking and upper structure are no longer present – is more likely to have grown over ten years than five.

Unnamed Yacht, Egyptian Red Sea

#9 Unnamed Yacht, Egyptian Red Sea

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