10 Fascinating Pets Of Powerful World Leaders

Royalty and politicians across the globe may not agree on much, but many of them jointly believe in the benefits of owning a pet. Several of today’s heads of state and government spend their little personal time with their beloved animals. These lucky pets are often pampered and bask in the reflected spotlight of their famous owners.

#10. Thong Daeng King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The King of Thailand is an unabashed dog lover, and one dog in particular has a special place in his heart. His favorite dog, Thong Daeng, was rescued from the streets of Bangkok as a puppy. Her name means “copper” in the Thai language, a reference to the color of her coat. King Bhumibol enjoys great popularity among his people, and it appears that this extends to his royal dog as well. When the 74-year-old monarch wrote a book telling Thong Daeng’s story, it sold 100,000 copies within hours of its release. The king strongly advocates adopting street dogs (which are common in Thailand) instead of buying purebreds. In the book, he writes that most street dogs “are usually humble and exceptionally faithful to their owners, as if they are grateful for the kindness they receive.” These qualities are well exemplified in Thong Daeng, who shows her master great respect and gratitude.

Photo credit: Rescue Samui Foundation

Photo credit: Rescue Samui Foundation

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