#10 Karel Soucek- Shock-Absorbent Barrel (1985)

14 Inventors Who were Killed by Their Own Creations

#13 Max Valier: Liquid-Fuelled Rocket Car (1930)

On May 17, 1930, Max Valier, an Austrian rocketry pioneer, was killed when an alcohol-fuelled rocket exploded on his test bench in Berlin.

In 1928 and 1929, Valier worked with Fritz von Opel on a number of rocket-powered cars and aircraft. By the late 1920s, Valier was focusing his efforts on liquid-fuelled rockets. Their first successful test with liquid fuel occurred in the Heylandt plant on January 25, 1930. On April 19, 1930, Valier performed the first test drive of a rocket car with liquid propulsion, the Valier-Heylandt Rak 7. One month later, the alcohol-fuelled rocket exploded during a test.

#13 Max Valier- Liquid-Fuelled Rocket Car (1930)

#13 Max Valier- Liquid-Fuelled Rocket Car (1930)