10 Strange Animal Freaks Of Nature

On occasion, you may encounter an animal, either in literature or the wild, that will cause you to stop and wonder how such a weird creature came to exist. The purpose of freakish adaptations can sometimes perplex even the most skilled biologists, but there often exists a ready explanation. Still, that doesn’t make these animals any less bizarre (or disturbing).

10 Blood From A Stone

Tunichates are just plain weird. Although extremely primitive and almost entirely immobile, these inorganic-looking entities are, in fact, animals. They are not conventional invertebrates, either. Belonging to a subphylum of the chordates, they are actually related to vertebrates. Pyura chilensis is one of the more shockingly bizarre tunichates, and seems to disprove the popular wisdom that you cannot get “blood from a stone.” The creature looks for all the world like an ancient, craggy rock, but inside is bright, red flesh. These South American “sea tomatoes” are a popular delicacy in Chile, a large part of their limited native range.

Blood from a stone.

Blood from a stone.

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