15 Real Animals With Real Superpowers

#14. This Rat Is Making Me Thirsty

So imagine living in one of the driest, thirst inducing places on the planet- a desert. Then imagine going four years without a drink of water. You can’t, because you’d be dead. This rat can.

Humans go only go a few days without water, but the Kangaroo Rat has adapted to go YEARS without taking a drink. In the desert. I’ve got cotton mouth just thinking about it. These little guys, that hop on their hind legs like Kangaroos (hence the name) have found other ingenious ways of getting and keeping moisture. For starters they don’t sweat or pant. They hoard seeds and nibble on vegetation that has some water content. They hang out in the moist earth underground and venture to surface in the cooler nights. Way to adapt little buddies! If you find yourself wandering in the Nevada desert why not bring along a brew-ski for this little hopping, water hoarding friend.



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